New Features

Dear Dot Masters: To improve the sync with the Chinese version, and to let players experience smoother and more stable updates, we will be updating some hero art and hero models.

New Features

1. Updated main menu art and music.

2. Added 3 hero artifact quests: Magnum, Barbaro, and Drekkon.

3. New Mentor System.

4 New Arena revenge system: players can take revenge on opponents that they have been defeated by.

5. New artifact and runestone forge leaderboards.

6. Top-up event heroes are now in the top-up menu.

7. Awakening opened for: King Gus, Mia, Bastion, and Jack.

8. Added Halle and King Gus SS to the Interstellar Merchant.

9. Added an all-new server transfer feature


Version Improvements

1. Heroes' CoF pass drop menu and enchantment menu can now display item names.

2. The appearance of heroes in ToK has been adjusted to be normal size.

3. Hero red dot notification optimization: the red dot will only show when fuse now is available.

4. Prophecy Pool can be passed multiple times now.

5. Now the battle statistics from both the attacker and defender will directly show in the battle results screen.

6. Treasure mines feature has been optimized with a new "Complete now" function.

7. Battle results can be directly viewed in the chat menu.

8. Bounty optimization: a 'dispatch now' feature has been added.

9. Players can now search items in the bag, and can organize them by type via the 'organize' button.

10. Ability points have been updated, point limits for players VIP level 0 - 15 have been added.

11. Quest requirements for the second step of awakening have been simplified. It is now only required to clear the Dojo, CoT, or Prophecy Pool for the day, and the required battle number has been halved (can be completed that day).

12. Endless Nightmare Optimization:

a. After clearing the Endless Nightmare once for a day, it can then be passed. Pass rewards are based upon the highest wave cleared that day. Each wave of monsters requires one pass card. Immediately reaching wave 35 requires 35 pass cards.

b. After all your tries have been used up, you may tap the stage to purchase more and enter.


Mentor System:

a. Players may become a mentor after clearing the mentor qualification quest.

b. Players may become an apprentice by entering the invite code from a mentor 3 levels higher than themself.

c. Players will receive an EXP boost after becoming an apprentice. The greater the level gap between the apprentice and mentor, the greater the EXP boost.

d. Mentors that have 5 apprentices graduate can receive the "World of Peaches and Plums" avatar frame.

A lot of bugs have been fixed.